Animated soccer drills
Playname: Dribble/shoot-cross/head
Split players into 2 groups (each player with a ball).
• Player 1 dribbles ball toward cone and plays the ball across the face of the cone.  Player 1 then cuts around the cone, takes a first touch shot and continues toward goal to attempt to put a cross on goal.
• Simultaneously player 5 dribbles down the line and times a cross so that player 1 can receive it going to goal.

• Players must keep the ball close when dribbling.
• Timing for both shot and cross is essential.
• Players collect their ball and switch lines after completing their task.

Keeper must 1st stop the shot then try to recover and stop the cross.
Drill submitted by: Jonathan Graf
Sub categories: Passing, Goaltending, Finishing

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